atelier damböck at EuroShop 2017

atelier damböck's Trade Fair Construction 4.0 at EuroShop

atelier damböck at EuroShop 2017

Neufinsing, 28 March 2017 — atelier damböck presented itself at EuroShop 2017 in Düsseldorf with an exceptional exhibit – an almost fully enclosed trade fair stand, which could only be accessed after navigating a water hazard. The focus here was on the subject of digitisation and its integration in trade fair concepts.


atelier damböck's trade fair stand at EuroShop could only be accessed via a unique route – through a waterfall. Whatever was behind it was initially hidden from the observer’s view. The water curtain in front of the black wall did not offer any insight into what was inside the stand, therefore making visitors to the trade fair curious. It was only possible to access the stand with a supervisor from atelier damböck with the correct “admission ticket”, an umbrella, which provided protection from the cascading water. Walking through together under the umbrella created an emotional moment between visitor and the exhibitor.


There were two VR stations located behind the waterfall, allowing people to immerse themselves in a digital world. In virtual reality, from a barren landscape a forest emerged in front of the visitor. The VR demonstration ended by “entering the real world”, which individuals took in the literal sense and were able to experience in the next room: a real woodland scene as a spatial experience.


Upon entering the real world, guests once again found themselves in the middle of a real forest – standing on grass in the middle of plants, trees, fresh moss and endlessly deep impressions of woodland landscapes, with the sound of birds twittering as the background noise. “The particular strength of live communication is the opportunity to target all of your senses. All of your sensory organs are grouped into a cleverly combined, multi-sensual ensemble”, explained Simon Damböck, Managing Director of atelier damböck.


On the outside, a large prototype design banner enveloped the trade fair stand; following in the style of the presentation of a prototype in the automotive industry, the design symbolises a beta version of the Trade Fair Construction 4.0, doing so in a manner analogous to Industry 4.0. Trade Fair Construction 4.0 is therefore the current development stage, providing a link between real and virtual worlds at trade fairs.


The area in front of the stand was used as a communication area, so as to create space for conversation with customers. Thanks to the generously sized campus atmosphere, the required space was created in order to make an impact and function as an eye-catcher. Pepper, a child-like humanoid robot, was used as a classic customer “stopper” in this area. The robot generated a great deal of attention among trade fair visitors and was used as a springboard for discussions up until the point the visitor was able to access the stand. Pepper briefly interacted with visitors, performed facial recognition tasks and was the perfect model for selfies.


The relatively small standing area, measuring just 70 square metres, was used intensively. The water curtain acted as a natural filter, so that this area was only occupied by target group-related visitors and the room was able to take in the expressive world of experiences inside the stand. “A coherent storyline is transformed, using many small details, into an exciting brand experience that individuals will remember and talk about at the trade fair”, explained Simon Damböck.


Further information and photos can be requested from:

Kathrin Böttcher

+49 8121 975-220

Atelier Damböck


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