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Conception, draft and design

Production, installation and dismantling

Logistics and storage of temporary structures

Interesting facts about trade fair construction

The construction of individual trade fair stands is referred to as conventional trade fair construction. Through the use of a variety of different materials, an individual overall concept is realised through craftsmanship. Prior to the emergence of the system trade fair stands in the 1970s, all exhibition stands were individually constructed. Since the heavy usage of standardised elements in system trade fair stand construction, this method now represents traditional trade fair stand construction, in other words the conventional way. The system trade fair stand construction is the construction of exhibition stands through the predominant use of system materials. This consists of prefabricated modules for multiple usages.


The video shows the construction and disassembly of a new trade fair stand in a time-lapse.

Organisation prior to trade fair construction

A successful trade fair stand requires more than just experts from the area of trade fair design. In particular, the organisation is important, since our customers would like their stand to tell a story. The most important thing is: trade fair visitors visit your stand in order to receive information. If visitors are not looking for specific information in advance, it is up to the stand construction and design to convince and inspire people to visit. Often it is only a few seconds that will decide if your trade fair stand will generate a lead or not, and this is exactly where our expertise on trade fair construction, trade fair design, and trade fair stands comes in. Put your success into the hands of atelier damböck.

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