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The team at atelier damböck combines high-quality execution and creative design to create tailor-made trade fair stands. As a premium provider of tailor-made trade fair stands, we are able to create your unique trade fair exhibit in line with your company's own philosophy. By keeping your corporate identity and your objectives in mind, we are able to design a custom-made trade fair stand that will make a lasting impression.

Climate-neutral trade fair stands

Sustainability is of paramount importance to us. We would also be delighted to provide you with a climate-friendly trade fair stand as well. You can find detailed information on greenstands here.


The trade fair stand and its conception

As experts in trade fair construction, trade fair stands and trade fair design, we know exactly what communication scheme you need to attract visitors to the trade fair and, in doing so, successfully generate leads. A stand is sub-divided into four zones, which are arranged from outside to inside:

Orientation zone

This is the outermost section of your stand, and it is where visitors will get their bearings. It must be evident straight away what exactly is being offered, as it is here that a potential customer will decide whether he or she wants further information or not.

Presentation zone

The visitor can find out more about your service in this zone of the trade fair stand, where an advisor is on hand to assist him or her, if required.

Meeting zone

You have already had a successful outcome as the visitor to your trade far stand has a greater level of interest and wants to arrange a consultation. The stools and groups of seats here ensure the required level of comfort.

Functional zone

The private section of your stand can be found in this zone. You and your fellow employees can store your personal items here, where they are kept out of sight of trade fair visitors.

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