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Helper-friendly company

As the recipient of the award, atelier damböck received the “Helper-friendly company” seal from the Helfernetz Bayern network of helpers. The award was presented at the Blaulichtfestival emergency services festival, which was held in Munich on 11 May 2019.


“Without the efforts of the hundreds of thousands of volunteers with the various charities and the THW, it would be impossible to maintain the high level of safety in Bavaria”, emphasised Bavarian Interior Minister Herrmann, who assumed the patronage of the action of the aid network. “It is even more important that companies like Atelier Damböck Messebau GmbH allow their employees to carry out this important service in emergency situations. Anyone who is doubly committed in their job and their voluntary service is twice as valuable. Not just for the companies, but also for the people in our country.”


Since 2018, the Helfernetz Bayern network of helpers, a campaign run by the ASB, BRK, Johanniters, Maltesers, DLRG, MHW and THW organisations, has presented awards to Bavarian companies that actively strive to promote voluntary service among their employees.


More information on the Helfernetz Bayern network of helpers can be found at:

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