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atelier damböck - EuroShop 2017 - waterfall
atelier damböck - EuroShop 2017 - Real World
atelier damböck - EuroShop 2017 - Virtual Reality

The focus was on digitalization and its integration in trade fair concepts: Exhibition 4.0

EuroShop, Dusseldorf
island stand, 75 m²

At first glance the visitors could not see the interior of the trade fair stand. Entering the almost completely enclosed stand was only possible after walking through a waterfall.  This only way into the stand acted as a natural filter so the exhibitor could filter the visitors and control the number of visitors inside the stand. The entry was only possible with an atelier damboeck escort who had the matching “admission ticket” on hand: an umbrella.


Behind the waterfall there were VR stations to immerse in the digital world. In this virtual reality a forest scene emerged in front of the viewer. The VR demonstration ended with “enter the real world” what could be taken literally: a real forest experience with multi-sensory appeal and natural materials awaited the visitors in the next (physical) room.

In this room the visitors had the opportunity to experience the particular strength of live communication as various senses were addressed. Special drinks and sweets were served at the planted counter in front of the backlit graphic walls. The black outer shell of the stand created an isolated room inside where people could have conversations in a quiet surrounding off the hustle and bustle of the trade fair.


Furthermore a robot called Pepper was in use as a customer stopper in the communication area in front of the stand. Pepper had short dialogues with the visitors, did facial recognitions and was the perfect model for selfies.

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Member of the association

Member of the association
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