The feet go where the eyes have already been.
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Cazal opti 2012 studio
Cazal opti 2012 garden
Cazal opti 2012 eyewear

The Cazal Wonderland

opti 2012, Munich
peninsula booth, 100 m²

A gently infinite rotating stairway to heaven, giant mushrooms and flowers that grow over the heads of the visitors, a floating book, the upside-down coffee table, table with fork legs, oversized books, a gigantic eye bank, fly agarics and teacups as stools. For the fair presentation of the eyewear manufacturer Cazal Eyewear at the opti in January 2012 was an exciting concept designed and implemented by atelier damboeck.

This stand design was honoured with several awards:



Here you can find more information about the awards.

Member of the association

Member of the association
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