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Communications design for trade fairs & events

Graphic Design Services

  • Consulting
  • Concept
  • Layout Design & Visualisation
  • Pre-press Final artwork & production data generation
  • Production Manufacture & production handling
  • Organisation & manufacture
    of the graphics products in close co-operation with your agency

Graphic Design Products

  • Trade Fair Graphics
    e.g. banners, posters, pendants, large-area presentation of the wall design, partial wall design, illusion of distance effect, slogans, logos
  • Event Graphics
    e.g. rear wall of the stage, photo wall, signage / control system / signposting, placards, banners, rollup banners, pendants, exhibits
  • Advertising Material (Print)
    e.g. fair/visitor invitations, brochures, flyers, Internet banners, email campaigns
  • Promotional Items and
    give aways
    e.g. ball-point pens, writing pads, calendars, trade fair carrier bags, candy and sweets, games
  • Equipment for Booth Personnel
    e.g. branded clothing for your booth personnel, name tags

Extended offer

Storage of the graphics till the next fair/event

A trade fair stand is more than just the sum of its parts.

For us, the graphic design of your trade fair stand is an important part of your trade fair presentation and of our design assignment. For the success of your trade fair presentation, we can also offer you the production of graphics, promotional items and advertising items, as well as their design.

If you like, we can co-operate closely with your agency and jointly organise graphics and print media to make your trade fair presence a success. Alternatively, our graphics department can develop a communications concept for your trade fair presence in its entirety, starting with the invitations and catalogue entries, covering the fair graphics and advertising items / promotional items, to advertising materials like flyers, brochures and carrier bags.

Our graphics and advertising specialists will generate layouts and illustrations for you, develop slogans and short text passages and take over the task of production handling as well, in addition to making the final artwork and generating production data.

Member of the association

Member of the association
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