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Climate-neutral fair stands

Certification of the CO2-compensation
Certification of the CO2-compensation with certificates from recognized climate protection projects

Protecting our environment is a matter close to our hearts.

"We have not inherited the earth from our parents, we have only borrowed it from our children."

True to this statement, we don't wish to just share our knowledge with you, but also fulfil our responsibility. Our experience has shown that a considerate attitude towards our environment has not, so far, had too much attention in the fair construction sector. We would like to change that. And to do so, we need your help!

Environment-friendly solutions that are customised to match your fair stand. That sounds impossible, but it is not. The climate-neutral fair stand does not, of course, prevent environmental pollution, but certainly compensates for it. We would like to set the tone and be the pioneers.

We look forward to supporting your quest for a climate-neutral fair stand. We would be delighted to present the extensive range of our services to you and take you from the idea to the climate-neutral implementation of your trade fair presence. If you wish, we would be happy to provide consulting beyond the construction of the stand so that your marketing efforts bear fruit!

Seminar by Andreas Damböck (atelier damböck) on 9 June 2009 on the occasion of the AUMA workgroup Engineering/Logistics on the subject: Greener Exhibition Industry

Member of the association

Member of the association
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